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Meditation Music
Music written for the express purpose of helping people to relax and  to meditate must be viewed quite differently 
than music written for a  film score. A completely different technique is used to assemble the "soundscapes" that become 
the background for meditation. The needs  are different. Film music is written to suggest an emotion and to influence
the listener. Meditation music on the other hand is meant to not influence the listener one way or the other. 
It is really meant as an accompaniment to the listener's state of mind. 
The key is that the music be always gentle and soothing.

For Relaxation and Sleep
One interesting side effect of this music is that if it is listened to as an aid to relaxing, it can, if you wish, help to lull you into 
a very restful sleep. With so much stimulus around us, it seems that sleep disorders are on the rise. 
If you have trouble sleeping, you might try listening to some of this music as an effective, 
non medical way to ease a lot of everyday stress. The trick to making this effective 
is that the sound level should be at a very low volume. 

As a Noise Filter
Another benefit is that any of these pieces below can be used to help you when you might have "that tune" 
seemingly stuck to your brain. We invite you to try it for yourself. Anytime you find yourself thinking of 
that pesky song that just wont go away, just come to this site and simply listen to 
the music attached to this page or any of the samples below. 

Seven Meditation Pieces
There are seven pieces being offered here, all about 30 minutes in length. You may purchase any piece for download. 
Please take the time to listen and enjoy the music by clicking on the links below. Once you've decided which piece of music 
you wish to download simply press the corresponding 'Buy Now' button. You may use Paypal or a credit card. 
Once the payment goes though you will be sent a link from which you can download the pieces you desire. 

~~We thank you for visiting this site~~

Click here to listen to Breath of Life  This piece is intended to be a gentle reminder to breath deeply when meditating.       

Listen to Gentle Breeze   A very gentle accompaniment to a meditation or as a background  that will set a pleasant mood.     

Visualization     To visualize, to imagine all you wish to see. It is all in your mind's eye.   

Ohm Meditation   This Music can be an help to when you are inclined to chant Ohm. 

Deep Meditation  This music will bring you into a deep almost hypnotic state..        

Yoga Meditation  This music can be a very pleasant background during a yoga routine.    

In a Heartbeat   This is the music that plays when this page is accessed. It is a soothing background 
for mediation or for yoga or for simply reading or relaxing alone or with a friend.