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Film Music by Andre Vincelli

"Music to Enhance your Vision" 

On this page you will find a small sampling of work from various
film projects. This list of clips and musical excerpts
is meant to show the diversity of styles
that have been requested 
and delivered


Note to Mac users: The clips on this page are WMV format  which 
might not be playable on a Mac Computer. To make these clips and 
all Windows Media work on your system, go to  this page:  



From the National Film board:    Offstage, Onstage: Inside The Stratford Festival
 A Film by  John N. Smith 

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Follow this link for a viewing of the Opus Movie trailer
and listen to the music we are proud to have produced
here at AV Studios
The Opus music score was composed and orchestrated
by Andre Vincelli


Unbuckling my Biblebelt
A film by Patricia Tassinari

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 Music cue: 
  End Titles



From the  NFB   Slippery Blisses     
film by  Jeannette Loakman

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Quirky and somewhat 'Feliniesque'  the Opening Theme from 
Lois Siegel's film  A 20th Century Chocolate Cake received a nomination 
at Canada's Genie Awards for Best Original Score
Also nominated for best Original Song was a piece entitled
Talk About it 
This quintessential 80's styled song was released onto the Quebec Pop charts 
and climbed to Number One and remained there for 6 weeks. 
This song was nominated at Quebec's "Felix' Awards" (ADISQ) for song of the year.



Baseball Girls  
 A film by  Lois Siegel

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 Music Cues:   Ode to Grapelli          End Titles (Rock&Roll)   




From the NFB   Kim Campbell: Through the Looking Glass  
A film by Michel Jones  

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From the NFB Stolen Moments 
A film by Margaret Wescott 

Music Cue:   "Keep me hanging on"