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Breath of Life   

This piece is called Breath of Life because it was written 
as a gentle guide to one of life's most basic techniques.
Proper breathing is not only essential for the maintenance 
of good health but is central to the most basic tenets of 
meditation. Written into the music itself is a guide of sorts
to very gently remind the practitioner to take in very deliberate 
breaths, to hold and exhale. This breathing cue is incorporated
right into the Harp passage that interweaves through the music.
You will hear it at the start for a few minutes and then it comes back 
periodically to remind you to not forget to take deep 
but gentle breaths while you meditate. 

This piece is 32 minutes 30 seconds in length. To purchase it through download
simply click on the button below. The cost is $4.95 and you may pay for it
though Paypal or most credit cards.

Gentle Breeze   A very gentle accompaniment to a meditation or as a background  that will set a pleasant mood.

Visualization     To visualize, to imagine all you wish to see. It is all in your mind's eye.   

Ohm Meditation   This Music can be an help to when you are inclined to chant Ohm. 

Deep Meditation  This music will bring you into a deep almost hypnotic state..        

Yoga Meditation  This music can be a very pleasant background during a yoga routine.    

In a Heartbeat   This is the music that plays when this page is accessed. It is a soothing background 
for mediation or for yoga or for simply reading or relaxing alone or with a friend.


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