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~Setting a gentle ambiance~

A wide range of knowledge and experience gained through the years, places Mr. Vincelli at a distinct advantage with regards to 
understanding a client's needs and preferences. Eight years spent working on film Post Production as a dialogue editor have given
an understanding of many technical aspects of sound production. That experience coupled with dozens of film scores delivered 
to a variety of clients combine to bring together a way of dealing with technical needs as well as conceptual needs for a 
film score that is truly unique and far reaching. Tight schedules are always adhered to and delivery dates are of 
utmost importance in a world of extremely high competition and expectations. 

What is presented on this site is cross-section of different styles of music that adhere to different needs.
Whereas much of the commercial aspect of the music business is dealt with in the form of music for film scores,
you will also find presented here, music that has been written for children's books and also music that is intended for
the purpose of meditation and relaxation.

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film scores presented here. This page is programmed to play a different piece randomly when it is accessed.
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